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For live video
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Cloud based · Self-hosted · White label

Low latency & reliable video transport

Relay switch to backup SRT sources. Detailed real-time graphical statistics. Transcoding, re-encoding with audio track or channel switching and simultaneous overlay.
From $0.125/hr per instance

Multilingual video player

Broadcasting to thousands of viewers. Private access with imported CSV tickets. Generation of CSV event tickets for pre-sale. Overlay of advertising banners on videos.
From $0.55/hr per instance

Pay-per-view live streaming

Organize pay per view streams for your viewers. Embed paid video on your website. Our commission is 0%.
From $0.75/hr per instance

Video meets & Webinars

Recording, video call or webinar multicasting to Socials. Embedding on website.
From $0.37/hr per instance

Flexible multicast

Re-stream video to 100+ streaming platforms in just a few clicks. Audio track selection. Overlay. Transcoding. Re-streaming from imported files or vMix, OBS, Wirecast, encoders.
From $0.171/hr per instance

Real-time monitoring

Setup real-time production monitoring with zero latency using our WebRTC solution.
From $0.05/hr per instance

Stream recording

Save your live streams in the cloud so you can access & re-stream your content conveniently.
From $0.018/hr per instance

Broadcasting to thousands of viewers via Callaba & AWS CloudFront CDN

Create a working video distribution pipeline to reach thousands of viewers in just a few minutes. Setup video CDN
Callaba will take your stream and set up video distribution to thousands of viewers. You just need to send the link to the Callaba player.

Real-time streaming analytics

Make business-critical decisions instantly.

No complicated settings or additional steps are required.
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