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Content monetization tool for creators

Pay-per-view video streaming service - revenue starts with the first user.

Create event


Upload or stream

Prepare content for live streaming or upload video on-demand

Host event

Create a pay-per-view event with a few clicks

Receive payments

Share the link to event and sell tickets directly

How it works

1. Prepare content, specify the price

  • Upload content or connect cameras and streaming equipment.
  • Create a web player in Callaba and specify the cost of the ticket for a pay-per-view option.

2. Embed the web player

Copy and paste the embed code to your website.

3. Invite audience

Invite your audience to partake in your event. Viewers can purchase access and watch your streams in high quality using any browser and any device.

4. Host your event and earn revenue

As your viewers buy access to watch your content - you generate income.


No investments to start

Don't waste time on complex settings or software development.

Our consultant will contact you to set everything up at a convenient time.

Keep 100% of the profits

We do not charge any commission on payments from your customers.

We only charge maintenance fees for the service.

Revenue starts with the first user

Pay-per-view model is easier than making money on YouTube and similar platforms, since you don’t have to spend a lot of time building an audience.

Set up the price yourself.

callaba’s platform & cdn

Ready-to-use content monetization platform

Don't want to deal with the technicalities of streaming infrastructure?

We’ve got you covered. We will prepare the infrastructure and give you simple instructions about where to send your streams, plus the code to embed on your website.

We do the technical part, so you can focus on your content.

Your infrastructure would be ready within 24 hours

Worldwide coverage CDN

Profits begin as soon as your first customer buys a ticket

self-hosted solution

Monetize content in your own infrastructure

Have your own infrastructure?

Get a self-hosted solution with the Pay-Per-View functionality. Self-hosting gives you complete control over your content and revenue.

Plus, you can save on data-transfer fees.

Total control over your content and revenue

Deploy on any infrastructure

One-time payment for a perpetual license

Start working with us

Our goal is to find the optimal conditions for each client, no matter what the task may be.