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Self-hosted installation

Linux self-hosted live streaming solution installation guide

Dec 15, 2022

Get started

If you want to learn more about Callaba Self-Hosted Licence, the functionality and pricing, read this first: 

📚 Callaba Self-Hosted : How-to and Pricing

How to get Callaba Self-Hosted

  1. Login to Callaba
  2. Customize your subscription and subscribe
  3. Install and activate the software


Minimal system requirements:  4CPUs, 4GB RAM,  30GB SDD

Recommended system requirements:  8CPUs, 8GB  RAM, 100 GB SSD (for stream recordings)

Recommended OS: Ubuntu 22.04

• docker
• docker-compose


1. Clone this repo

git clone

2. Move to the folder

cd linux

3. Update packages and install the required ones. 

In case if you are using a clean machine, you simply can run this command :



Once the required packages have been installed, run an installation script. Type login and password for your Callaba Cloud license.



To update Callaba, run the following command:



If something went wrong, you can rollback the application by using this command: 



Run this command to remove Callaba Cloud. All data, files and images will be deleted as well.


Accessing Callaba Dashboard

Once you've installed Callaba, open your server's IP address in the browser.

You'll see Callaba's login page.

Login: admin

Password: your server's IP address (without https://)

Licence: use your licence key

If you don't activate your software with a legitimate key, you'll see a warning notification and the software will not work as expected.

To activate your software at a later date, click the Gear Icon in the top panel.

Unfold "Licence settings" and insert your licence key.

Have questions? Send us a message at [email protected]