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Callaba is a global provider of business-critical, real-time video broadcasting solutions

The most frequent issues we help to resolve
Cut down data transfer
and video processing
Balance low latency
and zero packet
Provide streaming at scale

What we do, in a nutshell

We provide a complete set of video broadcasting technologies within a single product and API
  • Encoding
  • Video processing
  • Live streaming
  • Stream recording
  • Video on demand


Our mission and motivation is to lower the industry entry barrier for new and upcoming broadcasting companies and producers.
And to help increase revenue for already established companies by providing technological scalability.

Callaba Cloud develops advanced video broadcasting technologies for hosting online video events, video streaming platforms, cloud gaming, etc. We are dedicated to deliver a great user experience, defined by its simplicity, privacy and convenience. At Callaba Cloud we believe that communication is the key to success, this is why we design tools to make it smooth, fast and uninterrupted.
Iurii Pakholkov
Founder and CEO
Alexandra Kruglova
Chief Operating Officer


At Callaba Cloud, we are proud to partner and work with established cloud players and look forward to expanding our partnerships further. In addition, our interests are spread widely and we always welcome new ideas. We believe that we can find really interesting and innovative applications for the video transmission technologies we develop. If you feel we can make cool things together - please apply for partnership below.

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