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Self-hosted streaming solution : How-to and Pricing

Jul 03, 2023

What is Callaba Self-Hosted Licence?

It’s a powerful streaming software that you can install on your own server.

Why Callaba?

💳 Subscription starts at $5/month.

⚙️ Highly customizable : get the exact amount of functionality you need, down to a single stream.

🔧 Modify and cancel your subscription anytime.

What functionality is there?

  • Low latency SRT concurrent live streaming with Statistics on Graph. Push/Pull links. SRT Bonding.
  • Multi-streaming to Socials, TV, Radio or custom destinations
  • Multi-lingual streaming from SRT encoder based on 8 audio channels via SRT
  • VOD & OTT embed Web Player with adaptive bitrate.
  • Pay-per-view embed Web Player via PayPal.
  • Stream recording. + reuse recorded files as live broadcasts in Embed Web Player.
  • Video calls. Up to unlimited participants.

How to get Callaba Self-Hosted

  1. Login to Callaba
  2. Create and customize your subscription
  3. Install and activate the software
    📖 Self-hosted installation guide

And start streaming. Yes, it’s that easy.

➡️ Subscribe and install 

Pricing structure

Callaba’s pricing model is based on “functional units”.

You can customize your licence and pick those units that you need and as many of them as you need.

There’s also a volume-based discount system, as the number of units increases, the price per unit decreases.

Why go self-hosted?

☑️ Full control
You can take full control of your streaming infrastructure and expand it as your requirements increase.

☑️ Cost efficiency
Save money by avoiding usage-based pricing. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for data transfer like on cloud-based platforms.

☑️ Data privacy and security
You can ensure data privacy and implement strong security measures as per your project requirements.

➡️ Ready to get started? Subscribe to self-hosted licence 

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