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We operate across more than 100 countries globally, serving a diverse range of customers. Our customer base spans across various sectors such as Online Concerts, Online Education, Radio and TV Broadcasts, Virtual & Hybrid Events, Sports TV, Enterprises, Service Providers, Government Agencies, Gaming Companies, Mobile/Web/App Developers, and Video Surveillance.

Streaming engine. Video streaming API

Add video to your website/software/app within minutes with our API. Use the language you love.

VOD streaming

Upload or stream content, create engaging playlists, embed a web player without any coding or create your own solution using our video API.

Pay-per-view streaming

Monetize your live streams and on-demand videos. Get payments directly to your wallet and keep 100% of your earnings.

Video conferencing. Video calling API

Create private conferencing rooms and connect with unlimited participants. Suitable for video calling, online shopping, telemedicine, and E-sports streaming.

Continuous Streaming

Capture your audience's attention with continuous 24/7 streaming, improve the brand’s image, and start a new stream of revenue.

SRT/RTMP ingest and bonding

Promote your live video content across various popular social media platforms all at once, in addition to showcasing it on your own website.

One streaming platform for many cloud production scenarios

Seamless Live Stream Embedding

Launch your next live broadcast now. Available in over 100 countries.

Cloud & On-premise Infrastructure

SRT Bonding & Real-Time Stream Analytics

For enhanced reliability, we offer a software-based SRT main/backup switcher. Additionally, we provide comprehensive real-time graphical statistics that cover all essential stream quality parameters.
From $0.125 per hour

Adaptive cross-platform browser-based video player

Get a web player that’s shareable via a link and is easy to embed on your website. Set up multilingual live streaming by grouping your web players and selecting different audio tracks. Grant exclusive access to your videos by importing pre-sold event tickets from CSV files or generate tickets for future sales with ease.
From $0.55 per hour

Live and on-demand video player with a paywall

Organize pay-per-view streams for your audience. Seamlessly integrate paid videos on your website. Set your own price, get paid directly to your PayPal account. Our commission is 0%.
From $0.75 per hour

Video calls & webinars

Integrate video calls or webinars into your website. Set up a paywall and collect payments for webinar access. Additionally, you can multi-stream your video meetings directly to social networks, enhancing your online presence and engagement.
From $0.37 per hour

Multicast to Socials

Broadcast with low latency on over 50+ streaming platforms simultaneously. Select custom audio tracks and add image overlays effortlessly for a tailored streaming experience.
From $0.171 per hour

Real-time video camera monitoring

Use a real-time monitoring mode with zero latency for video surveillance. Save camera recordings to acess later.
From $0.05 per hour

Video recorder

Record unlimited GB of videos. Record multiple streams simulteneously. Use your recorded videos as live streams or videos on demand.
From $0.018 per hour

Video Streaming API

Create distinctive live and on-demand video solutions with minimal code. All modules and sub-products are accessible via the API, including video import, social media sharing, video player customization, video monitoring, and much more.
From $0.05 per hour