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Gamification and OTT platforms

In this article, we will try to understand how gamification, TikTok and niche content have transformed Over The Top services.

What is OTT

OTT is a generic marketing term for all services that transmit their content over the Internet and are not owned directly by any kind of  provider.

Simply put, this is a service that does not depend on the Internet provider, satellite or cable data transmission. They simply transmit his data packets without affecting them in any way.

To get access to OTT services, you do not need any special equipment - the content is delivered to a smartphone, computer, smart TV or any other user device.

Usually, when people talk about OTT, they mean online cinemas or streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. However, OTT services are much more diverse. 

OTT services can be classified into three categories:

  1. OTT messaging. 

Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and any other instant messengers that use the Internet to communicate between users.

  1. IP telephony (VoIP). Video and audio calls made over the Internet. These are the same WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and other operators.

  1. OTT media services. This includes various online cinemas, audio services, educational resources and other content distributors that offer access to content through an app or website.

Most OTT services provide content on a subscription basis and for a fee, rather than being open source and supported by advertising. Depending on the monetization model, the service can offer the consumer various options for consuming content:

  • subscription to the entire service for a certain time;

  • subscription to certain content units (for example, buy a series to watch);

  • buying a digital copy, etc.

Chris Pfaff of Chris Pfaff Tech Media noted that the development of gamification in the metaverse is something that has not yet been, an unexplored interplay of technologies.

Ben Hoyt, as an interactive content developer, shared how he sees the realm of interactive games and games in the OTT streaming space.

He noted the success of Netflix, which is a resource of its own intellectual property, and great experience in video streaming. It is a natural development for him to introduce games and other engaging extensions against the backdrop of successful video broadcasting.

Pfaff believes that Netflix was able to capture the spirit of the times and understand the preferences of the audience.

Netflix Success

Just a decade ago, Netflix launched its first original series, the Norwegian mafia drama Lilyhammer. During this time, the streamer has challenged the entertainment industry with its global approach to creating, marketing and distributing content.

Netflix, which started as a DVD-by-mail business, is now the world leader in subscription streaming, with 222 million paying subscribers as of the end of 2021. The company's success in streaming has been a boost to traditional media companies including Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and NBCUniversal to develop their own D2C strategies.

And Netflix didn't stop there. In recent years, the service has branched out into publishing, live events, games, and other related industries.

Netflix is headquartered in Los Gatos, California and the company has always remained product and data focused. This has allowed her to stay one step ahead of Hollywood when it comes to creating consumer-facing experiences.

In the US and around the world, Netflix released a list of its most popular shows and films after several years of almost no data on its audience. To share information about their most watched movies, Netflix introduced the Top 10 website in 2021. While this is only part of the content consumption picture, there is more data on the site than any other streamer provides.

One of the factors for successfully reading the interests of the audience are the technologies that the company uses to analyze data.

For example, Netflix uses artificial intelligence to understand which thumbnail a person will like the most. The key to this functionality is machine learning, where previous user interest models serve as a reference. AI analyzes which works of art will attract a particular user.

Short video content

Young audience creates a demand for streaming consumption of short content on sites such as TikTok.

Users are now primarily concerned with where they can find content that they need more than anything.

Advertisers try to focus on these interests and build their strategies in accordance with them.

For example, you can now activate TikTok on your TV by streaming from your phone or tablet. And thus TikTok is rapidly expanding its presence on smart TVs as well.

TikTok is now adding Google TV and other Android TV devices, LG smart TVs, and Samsung smart TVs to its list of distribution partners.

How to ensure broadcasting with high-quality equipment without being distracted from content generation?

If you are planning to monetize your broadcasts and are thinking about quality streaming, we recommend using ready-made solutions offered by streaming platforms to get started.

Ways to ensure high-quality broadcasting

If you are planning to monetize your broadcasts and are thinking about quality streaming, we recommend using ready-made solutions offered by streaming platforms to get started.

For example, how to choose the best podcast recording software and what to look for when choosing, you can read the article “Best podcast recording software”. 

To save you time searching for a streaming engine, we have reviewed the most popular ones and collected them in one article “Most popular Streaming Engines in 2023”. 

Callaba Cloud’s features for OTT

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