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Best podcast recording software

Dec 28, 2022

In this article, we’ll overview the best podcast software. We figure out how to choose what really suits you. As part of this guide, we'll also examine what to look for when choosing podcast recording software.

What do you need to start recording a podcast?

  • Podcast Microphone

  • Camera

  • Headphones

  • Recording software

How to choose a podcasting program

When looking for a DAW (Digital audio workstation), consider the following features:

Editing features

If you are a podcaster and prefer an all-in-one solution, look for podcasting software with editing features.

Technical support

How tech savvy are you? If troubleshooting software issues is not your cup of tea, then look for a DAW with adequate technical support and help documentation.

File storage

You need somewhere to store the audio files for your podcast, including raw recordings and edited versions. The basic podcast recording software should be able to save the recording files locally on your computer.

Track split

If you're going to record multiple people for your podcast, you should also look for a split-track recording feature. Track split recording allows you to save a separate audio file of each podcast participant so you can clean them up and make your podcast sound quality the same no matter who is speaking.

Podcast recording software for macOS

Garage Band

Free, intuitive workflow.

Good set of tools.

Cons: Recording in the application requires an interface.


Logic Pro

Focused on recording and editing music. Although suitable for recording podcasts. But for a beginner, it may seem difficult.

Key features:

  • Free sound effects and sound library

  • Pitch control, noise reduction, and more automated producer tools.

  • You can control your audio directly from your iPhone with the Logic Remote app

  • Support for audio recording up to 192 kHz.


Great for professional and high quality recordings thanks to Dolby integration and high resolution.


  • More tools for recording and editing music than podcasts.

  • Doesn't offer any remote recording options

Podcast Recording Software for Windows

Adobe Audition

A professional podcast recording software.

Key features:

  • Live monitoring while recording

  • Templates for recording and editing

  • Free music and effects libraryEditing tools for audio mixing, white noise removal, and more.

  • Multitrack recording


  • Advanced Editing Tools

  • Integration with Premiere Pro

  • Post templates can save you time

  • Works with other Adobe apps


  • Not very affordable option

  • Can be intimidating for beginners, requires a bit of a learning curve



Free and open source podcast recording app. Constantly updated.


  • Provides a decent set of tools


  • The interface is not the most beautiful


Hindenburg Journalist

Specialized speech recording platform.


  • Designed exclusively for speech recording

  • Various levels of functionality


there are better options for posting non-verbal content

Useful Podcast Software


With Restream, you can conduct, record and multistream remote interviews. If you're hosting a live podcasting session, you can also add streaming graphics to make your broadcast look more professional.

Key features:

  • Recording without live broadcast

  • Save your recordings to the cloud with up to 10 GB of storage.

  • High definition audio 48 kHz

  • Split recording

  • Echo cancellation

  • Noise suppression

  • Stereo sound


  • Good set of podcast features available in the free plan

  • All features are available in the web version

  • Podcast features complement Restream's live and multi-streaming capabilities.


Quick Tme

QuickTime is easy to use and, as the name suggests, perfect for quick editing.

Key features:

  • Trim audio files

  • Combine multiple audio files with drag and drop

  • Use your Mac as a podcast recording device


  • Free on any Mac

  • Easy to use


  • Limited opportunities

  • Mac only

  • Focused more on video editing than audio editing



No need to install the application on your computer's hard drive.

Key features:

  • 64-bit internal audio processing

  • Supports third party plugins and extensions (for adding sound effects)

  • Custom skin and layout

  • Audio and MIDI routing with multi-channel support

  • Compatibility: macOS, Windows, Linux


  • 60-day free trial

  • Quick launch

  • Custom UI/UX


  • Somewhat clunky plugin integration

  • Fewer online manuals/help resources than other popular DAWs



A simple browser-based podcast app owned by Spotify.

Key features:

  • Does not require technical knowledge

  • Linked to Spotify for easy distribution


iRig Mic HD

Platform: iOS/Android (free) and iOS (premium)

Key features:

  • Easy to use

  • Lots of editing options

  • Available for use with any equipment



AI podcast recorder and editor.

As soon as you finish recording, BounceCast will analyze your audio. Then, it’ll automatically improve the sound by eliminating unnecessary noise.

You can also use the built-in editing tools to make changes manually.

You can import audio from other sources and edit it in the program. Accepted formats include WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg-Vorbis formats. The same formats can also be exported.



Podcast hosting with recorder. Open the app and place your phone in front of you and the guest to record audio.

Podbean also allows export and import audio. You can use it in combination with other editing tools.

Recording podcasts is just one of the minor features of Podbean, as it is mostly known for its podcast hosting.



An all-in-one AI-based platform for digital creators.

You can record high-quality audio with this software and it includes a wide range of useful features - such as Magic Dust, a noise reduction tool.

The platform allows you to conduct remote interviews with up to nine people at a time. The multi-track recording feature gives you a separate track for each participant, further simplifying the editing process.



A platform for recording, editing and distributing podcasts.

It has an audio studio that lets you record podcasts with the click of a button. Features such as microphone control and auto mute provide the best sound quality. There is also a Skype recording that helps you record audio virtually.



Recording and editing software made specifically for podcasters. Alitu offers both automatic and manual editing features that make editing your audio easier. When the recording is over, Alitu

will automatically reduce background noise and equalize the volume. This will ensure that your speech sounds consistent.



App for creating audio clips that can be shared on social networks.

Easy to use.



This program will equalize the sound, set the right volume for podcasting, add ID3 tags, export to YouTube and much more. You can create presets, which makes them very quick to use once you've set them up.


Music Radio Creative

Website where you can create intros, endings, jingles and more. You can get high quality voice overs to make your podcast sound more professional.



Another important part of your podcasting workflow is getting transcripts. This can help with SEO, but it also gives people the opportunity to enjoy your show in places where they can't listen.


Facebook Live

A great way for your fans to connect with you. They can listen to you record and see the "magic" happen. If you want to broadcast a podcast recording session to multiple streams, use Restream to broadcast simultaneously on multiple platforms, not just Facebook Live.



One of the most common video conferencing apps available today, so your guests are more likely to have experience using it. You can record your Zoom call and upload the file to your podcast editing software.



It is an intelligent transcription tool that transcribes your podcast to text, removing unnecessary sounds, pauses and narration errors. You can publish the transcript along with the podcast on your website or use it to create other content.



It is an AI voice generator that allows you to voice your articles, blogs or written content. You can choose from over 260 AI voices, make as many changes as you want, and retain all rights to advertise and broadcast your voice-over.



PodBean is a well-known podcast hosting platform that has been around for a while.



One of the best podcast hosting platforms for businesses. The interface is easy to use. You also get access to analytics, and there are helpful forums and Facebook groups dedicated to Buzzsprout to help you navigate the platform if you're new.



It is a podcast hosting platform with reliable statistics. It gives you precise information about your listeners, where they are located and what platforms they are using. Blubrry also gives you a free WordPress website when you subscribe to their platform.



With the Castos WordPress plugin, you can upload podcast audio files to your WordPress site and manage your podcast from your WordPress dashboard. Castos creates RSS feeds that Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher can read and provides you with useful listener analytics.

In conclusion

Starting a new podcast or reworking an existing one can be an exciting process, but choosing the right podcast recording software can also be stressful. Try to pick the software that suits you best in terms of characteristics, then test the tools that fit the bill. Only in practice will it become clear which software is the most convenient for you to work with.

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