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Most popular Streaming Engines in 2023

You have created high-quality and interesting content. The next step is to deliver it to the intended audience. The fastest way to engage with your viewers and get feedback is going live. For successful streaming, choose the platform that best suits the functionality and do not forget to read the reviews.

We wrote in detail about how the live streaming engine works in the post Live streaming server : how to make and do you need to do it?

So that you can choose a platform yourself, but do not waste time searching, we have selected the 9 most popular streaming services in 2023: from free to paid, from ultra-simple to more technologically advanced.


Using its flexible and modular architecture, you can integrate with anything.


  • Comprehensive APIs and SDKs to quickly create a video solution;

  • Resources and tools for developers, accelerating payback;

  • Ready-made or custom modules;

  • Have the ability to develop advanced applications tailored to develop advanced applications tailored to business needs, with powerful features.


One Month of Streaming: $149

Pay As You Go: $25

Annual: $1560

Enterprise: The plan adjusts to your needs.

(The price is current at the time of publication of the post. The pricing may change in the future.)


Dacast is a comprehensive streaming platform.

A key feature is the ability to make broadcasts for different industries :

  • For broadcasting sporting events;

  • To improve corporate communication;

  • To host, monetize and distribute your content;

  • Live broadcasts of sermons, events and more.


Starter: $39/month

Event: $63/month

Scale: $188/month

Custom: contact manager

(The price is current at the time of publication of the post. The cost may change. )


Scalable, ultra-low latency and adaptive WebRTC streaming.


  • Ant Media Server supports WebRTC, CMAF, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, SRT and more for business critical streaming needs;

  • Provides fast integration with RESTful API and open source SDK.


You can start for free or try the live demo.

If you decide to try it, you pay only for the time the server is running.

The demo showcases a use case with simple videos divided by product features.

There are 4 pricing options for a stand-alone license:

Hourly License: $0.09

Monthly License: $89

Annual License: $69

Perpetual License: $1999

(The price is correct at the time of posting. The pricing may change later.)

You can also calculate the license and server cost with the online WebRTC streaming cost calculator.



A key feature is an enterprise-grade live streaming platform.

Securely delivers bufferless videos from multiple cameras, multiple screens and platforms without any external support.


There is a 14-day trial period and four tariffs:

Standard: $399/month

Professional: $1499/month 

Enterprise: $3900/month

Ultimate: the price is specified with the manager

(The price is correct at the time of posting. The pricing may change later.)


The key feature of Uscreen is that it has the ability to monetize videos and control your content.


Convenient sales tools:

  • discounts

  • coupons

  • free trial versions

It is possible to integrate your email marketing tools with the platform.

The platform provides video-on-demand and membership features.


There is a free trial period and three pricing options, one is calculated individually.

Basic:  $79/month

Growth: $159/mo;

Uscreen+ : calculated individually

(The price is correct at the time of posting. The pricing may change later.)


Brightcove offers solutions for marketers, broadcasters, artists, internal communications, tourism, healthcare and more. And the technical ability to broadcast to a global audience.


  • Scalable streaming options to reach a larger audience;

  • Features to monetize content. There is ad insertion on the server side (SSAI):

  • Integration with social networks;

  • Features to bypass ad blockers and geographic content restrictions;

  • Secure streams to eliminate piracy.


To find out how much it will cost you to broadcast through this company, please contact the sales department. You will be offered a demo version and the tariff will be calculated individually.


Resi is suitable for avoiding network failures. The service was created with automation in mind. It is possible to stream to several sites at once (including YouTube, Facebook and OTT).

The key feature is the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP). This protocol protects against loss of quality of the video and the sound in case the network connection is unstable.


  • Analytics in real time;

  • Automatic subtitles generatio;

  • View streams on any device with full DVR playback;

  • Scheduling auto transmissions;

  • Cloud transcoding;

  • Simultaneous translation into several languages;

  • Portable monitoring.


The price is calculated individually.


If you are a streamer, then you probably know this site. Twitch is suitable for individual streamers.


  • Commenting in real time;

  • Users have the ability to interact with your profile, subscribe and follow you;

  • Slots for emoticons and the ability to increase their number;

  • Additional services (Cheermotes);

  • Badges for fans;

  • Event planning for fans;

  • Streamers can make money from advertising.


The platform is free for both the streamer and viewers. Buying additional services is completely optional.

Callaba Cloud

Combines all broadcast technologies in one SaaS solution. You can organize production in a few clicks.


  • Multi-threading with ultra-low latency;

  • Embeddable video player with authorization;

  • Multistreaming to social media or anywhere. One live broadcast - many destinations;

  • Transcoding, processing, overlay;

  • Stream recording;

  • Compatibility with any software and Hardware;

  • Built-in white labeling;

  • Main/Backup connection support;

  • Up to 8 simultaneous translation channels;

  • Integration via a RESTful-API.


You can try the platform on AWS for free for five days.

Callaba Cloud is distributed through Amazon Web Services with a Pay As You Go subscription. You pay only for an hour of using the software product and the server.

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