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Technology trends for business events

In this review, we will focus on the trends in the world of technology that make brands visible to customers. If you're an event host and aspiring to a professional level, you'll be interested in learning about the benefits of virtual and hybrid events, as well as discovering the possibilities of a virtual environment.

Virtual Events

Attendees can access them wherever there is an Internet connection and on any device, which empowers organizers and can drastically expand their audience..

Pros of virtual events:

  • The entire workload gets moved to specialized control systems.
  • A variety of analytical tools are available.
  • Finding potential customers through one-page websites is simple and effective.
  • It is much cheaper to organize and prepare an event online than to hold it offline.
  • Promote and schedule virtual events faster.
  • Worldwide accessibility to potential clients.
  • Effective for niche topics.
  • Easy to collect information about participants.
  • It is easier to get business executives and speakers who are in high demand to attend.
  • Can be done frequently.

Take advantage of the impact of your online events by synchronizing your key meeting calendar with them.

To make your virtual event perfect, use a reliable streaming platform to host it.

You can find out which platforms are more trusted by users in 2023 from our “Most popular Streaming Engines in 2023” review.

Hybrid events

The advantage of these events is that participants can choose the format that is most comfortable for them. However, regardless of which participation option is chosen, everyone has the same opportunities:

  • communication with speakers
  • interaction with sponsors
  • networking.

The combination of benefits from offline and online events makes hybrid events the best option. However, this is only true if all factors are considered:

  1. High-quality sound.  This can be achieved by choosing the right microphones and ensuring that there is a technical support team that responds quickly to problems.
  2. Fast Internet. The faster your internet connection, the better the quality of your media streams. You should therefore pay attention to the signal passing through the premises when choosing a place. If you are going to be running parallel streams, this will increase the load - for example, 3 sessions will require 3 times the usual speed. You can check your network bandwidth at specialized sites like InternetFrog or Bandwidth Place. 
  3. Video cameras. Not only their quality is important, but also their quantity. Plan which sessions you will broadcast. Your video should be recorded from multiple angles in order to capture all the details and make it visually appealing.When the picture is live, viewers will be able to better understand what is happening. If you use different angles to shoot the room and participants, you can achieve this.
  4. The organization of interactions. Organizers are responsible for establishing communication between suppliers.

During the event, you will need their services:

  • audio and video recording;
  • technical equipment;
  • broadcasting;
  • streaming platform.

Coordination between all of these elements is crucial and should be maintained throughout the event.

    5. Availability on all platforms. The share of video content consumed via smartphones has increased, so make sure the broadcast is compatible and streams seamlessly on Android and iOS. The broadcasting company can be asked to do this.

Test of all systems a day and 1.5 hours before opening.

    6. Speakers. Speakers should interact not only with attendees in the room, but also with those participating remotely. Every participant should feel a sense of belonging, no matter where they are. You can do this by greeting them and periodically looking into the camera to establish eye contact.

Establishing that sense of connection can also be done by answering a few questions in the chat and mentioning the viewer's name and city.

But do not forget that an online participant can disconnect from the event at any time, having lasted a maximum of a couple of hours. Give the marketing team a challenge to find a few reasons to stick around and keep the viewers engaged.

Virtual environment

You can also use virtual reality hosting for your events.

Zoom meetings have become commonplace since the pandemic, but they are boring. Try one of these fancy platforms to engage participants and freshen up your eyes:

The SpatialChat is used for networking, upselling, and post-conference afterparties.


  • Video conferencing;
  • Video sharing
  • Listening to music,
  • Sharing pictures.

The platform accommodates up to 10,000 users.

The space is “divided” into tables, dance floors, bar counters, restrooms and smoking rooms. You can get closer to the interlocutor and then the speech will be heard better.

VirBELA is a corporate metaverse for business meetings, entertainment events and education.

Features for participants:

  • Creating and customizing your own 3D avatar (you can choose clothes, hairstyle, shoes, etc);
  • Walking around different venues and chatting with other participants, just like in the real world;
  • Preset movements and emotions: from a shrug to a victory dance.

Features for organizers:

  • Upload presentations and videos;
  • “Hang” billboards on the walls;
  • Organize seating of guests in private areas;
  • different formats of spaces from a virtual office to a party on the beach.

Digital Communities

It's a way to spice up a formal event and establish a deeper connection with your brand.

Make sure your event attendees have a reason to join the community by creating exclusive content and bringing up topics that encourage them to interact.

Technology becomes increasingly complex and more user-friendly every year. As a result of this adaptability, you can experiment and organize events of different formats to find the one that best meets your audience's needs.

When you decide to try live streaming, we will be happy to take care of all the technical aspects, you will only have to focus on creating good content and planning the event.

Consider Callaba Cloud as a streaming platform that takes the stress out of technical stuff.

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