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How to stream from mobile device to Twitch

Feb 21, 2023

In this tutorial we are going to cover how you can send your video from a mobile device to Twitch. The main advantage of this method is that you can send one stream to multiple social media accounts simultaneusly.

In this particular tutorial we will only cover Twitch, but we will also add tutorials for other social media networks and add links to them once they’re done.

You will need the following components:

  1. Larix Screencaster. Download here
  2. Callaba Streaming Server. Launch on AWS
  3. A game or a video that you’d like to stream. ­čśŐ
  4. Account on Twitch

Let’s go!

Creating SRT server in Callaba

1 . Open Callaba Dashboard. You can launch Callaba in the cloud or install on your own server. Contact us to purchase self-hosted license.

To launch Callaba in the cloud, you can follow our detailed guides :

Once you’ve launched Callaba, log into the dashboard.

2. Go to SRT Server section

Click “Add New”

3. Create your SRT server.

To keep this tutorial short, we are not going to cover the settings of the SRT Server. You can find a very detailed description of the SRT Server settings HERE.

Make sure to setup the recommended Latency in Callaba. 
Click “Check Latency” to get info icon in the listing of SRT servers. In this case, our latency 500ms.

4. Once you’re done, in the SRT Servers listing page, click “Info”(i) icon.

Now you can see your SRT Server’s Pubsliser URL address that we have to specify in Larix Broadcaster.

Copy the Publisher URL and send it to your mobile device.

Setting up Larix Screencaster

1 . Download install and open Larix Screencaster

2. Click “Settings”

Then click “Connections”

4. Paste your Publisher URL into the URL field

One you paste the URL, the form will expand.

Name your connection

Latency : specify latency

Take a look at other settings too, make sure that you set them right if you need them.

Go back and check that the checkbox next to your connection’ name is checked.

Okay, our connection is done. 

Now let’s set up our video and audio.

5. Go back to Settings, click “Video parameters”.

Check and change the settings for your video.

Bitrate : specify bitrate

Kayframe frequency : specify keyframe frequency

Format : specify format (codec)

If you choose H.264 you can also specify adaprtive bitrate settings.

6. Go back to Settings, click “Audio parameters”.

Make sure that the Sound recording slider is on, in case if you want to talk to your viewers.

Bitrate : specify bitrate (leave default value if you are not sure)

Sample rate : specify sample rate (leave default value if you are not sure)

7. Now if you go back to the main screen of Larix Screencaster, you can click “Start” and your stream will be sent to Callaba.


Set up a re-stream to Twitch in Callaba


1 . Log in or sign up for Twitch and open the Twitch Dashboard:

2. Find “Settings” in the left menu and click “Stream”. In the window that opens, you will see the Primary Stream Key. Copy it.

3. Go back to Callaba Dashboard

Go to “Restreaming” section

Click “Add New”

4. We are now going to create a re-stream to Twitch

Restream Name:
Create a name for your re-stream

Input type : SRT Server

SRT Server: Select your SRT server from the list

Streaming service destination:
Pick Twitch from the list of social networks

Stream URL:
Please refer to the list of servers here :

Warning! Please use the appropriate Stream URL for your region. Our tests have shown that not all Twitch servers can work in a particular region.

Make sure to insert your Stream Key between the {} curly brackets.

RTMP Stream Key:
Paste Primary Stream Key from Twitch Dashboard

5. Expand “Advanced settings”

Set up transcoding to H.264 (in case if you, like me, were using HEVC codec, because Twitch does not support HEVC as of now).

Output video bitrate : specify bitrate

GOP : Disabled

Click “Save”

6. Once you press “Start” in Larix Broadcaster, you will see the bitrate of your stream being sent to Twitch

7. On Twitch, you will see your video stream from your mobile device.

This is the end of our tutorial.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]
We will respond to you within 48 hours.
Happy streaming!

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