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Best event planning software

An event organizer knows that without tools for managing logistics of an event, it's hard to organize it, even with a lot of experience.

The good news is that there is now software to help organizers. The bad news is that there are so many platforms that when choosing one, you will inevitably fall victim to “analysis paralysis ”.

In order to help you avoid this, we've compiled a checklist to assist you in choosing the right product.

To qualify for inclusion in the Event Planning category, a product must facilitate logistical planning of the event. This also includes assisting in developing the exhibition layout, including floor plans and seating charts, as well as helping to develop the layout functionality.

This software also has to help  :

  • schedule the development process

  • manage staff resources,

  • track expenses and payments.

How to choose the best event management software

To avoid getting lost in broad functionality, start by prioritizing your needs.

What tasks would you like to be automated in order to save time? (For example, creating and updating conference schedules.)

Would you like to increase the number of visitors and help your exhibitors get more exposure?

Or maybe you expect to save money on the ticketing system?

As you read our review, ask yourself the following questions:

What needs to be done for your event?

(This could be an improvement of the ticketing system, web brochure or mobile brochure).

  • Maybe you need to quickly launch a website for an event?

  • How will you interact with your visitors?

  • Which registration tool do you prefer to use?

  • Maybe you want to collect and upload leads into a special spreadsheet?

Write down everything you need.

Here are some more questions to help you find the best software:

  1. Is the event planning software compatible with mobile devices?

  2. Does the platform offer an app for your visitors?

  3. What are its reviews on app stores and software review sites (like G2)?

  4. Is the software easy to implement?

You can write to tech support or request demo access to test some things beforehand.

Since there are hundreds of event planning services, we have selected the most popular and convenient ones for you.

So, 2 main distinguishing features of a quality service for planning an event:

  1. Ease of use 

  2. Accessibility and quality of support

According to Capterra (a review and comparison site), the best event planning software includes 5 services: Brazen, Cvent,, Evite, Eventbrite.

It's an open platform that allows anyone to create and customize tools they need to do their job. Building blocks such as apps and integrations enable organizations to create or customize whatever they need to improve their business.

Organizations can also use's industry products - monday marketer, monday sales CRM, monday dev, monday projects, and monday work management - all built on Work OS.


  • Marketing and advertising

  • Information technology and services

Market segment

  • 67% Small business

  • 25% mid market

User Reviews

Assistance in doing business: 9.3

Ease of use: 9.1

Support quality: 9.1

Ease of administration: 9.1


An event organizer can use Eventbrite to plan, sell tickets, promote, and post their events right from the website to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

It is suitable for both small meetups and large concerts.

The system can send confirmations and reminders by email. In addition, people can register from both their phones and computers.


This platform allows to plan and organize collaboration via documents, chat, whiteboards, and more. Workboards are configured in a couple of clicks.


  • Marketing and advertising

  • Computer software

Market segment

  • 80% Small business

  • 15% Mid range companies

User Reviews

Assistance in doing business: 9.2

Ease of use: 8.7

Support quality: 9.1

Ease of administration: 8.7


Virtual and hybrid integrated platform.

A number of features are available to manage events, such as streaming, showroom pooling, press badges, registration protocols, and synchronized speaker and exhibitor portals.

You can also do instant registration through the mobile application. In addition, the functionality provides for video networks and exhibitors, as well as a built-in monetization system.

The site can be used to plan events for up to tens of thousands of people.


  • Services for holding events

  • Management of a non-profit organization

Market segment

  • 80% Small business

  • 15% mid market

User Reviews

Assistance in doing business: 9.6

Ease of use: 9.2

Support quality: 9.3

Ease of administration: 8.9

Odoo Events

A platform that provides software not only for planning events, but also for ticketing and promotion.


  • Coordination of event content.

  • Automated registration and payment processes for online ticket sales.

  • Sponsorship management for existing and new sponsors.

  • Promotion of the event across all channels.

  • Social media, email marketing, and audience segmentation tools.

  • Creating automatic campaigns for all visitors, personalizing content for certain types or segments of registrations.

  • Optimizing conversions with landing pages for different marketing campaigns.

  • Integration with a variety of analytics and SEO tools.


Tech-related services and products

Market segment

  • 61% Middle market

  • 28% Small business

User Reviews

Business assistance: 10.0

Ease of use: 9.2

Support quality: 8.9

Ease of administration: 10.0

Perfect Venue

Using the platform, you can collect leads, submit offers, manage availability, create BEOs, and accept payments all in one place.

When you start your free trial, no credit card is required.


  • Restaurants

  • Services for holding events

Market segment

  • 70% Small business

  • 30% mid market


The platform enables managers to make data-driven decisions and businesses to manage complex projects. ProjectManager allows to manage event projects more efficiently with centralized schedules, tasks, and collaboration tools.


It's a regular website builder and not an event planning software, but this site made it into our review, because it has several built-in event website themes.

However, its content management is not integrated with any other event management tools.

Zoom Events

Helps clients host virtual and hybrid events and large-scale broadcasts.

Suitable for small events.

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