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Best Event Management Software

There are four types of event management software:

  • audience management;

  • cash register;

  • event management platforms;

  • event marketing platforms.

There are special programs that can help you select a venue for an event, set up marketing campaigns, process incoming payments, register attendees, and much more.

Once you master these tools, you will be able to easily arrange and host conferences, exhibitions, and meetings for organizations.

We have compiled a list of the most popular services in one place and divided them into categories for your convenience.

Audience Management Software

For event professionals:


An easy-to-use resource for checking your audience’s understanding of a particular topic. Competitive quizzes and interactive presentations are used to engage users through gamification.

Whether learning remotely or in person, participants can use any device. The learning process is asynchronous.

Teachers receive quick results and feedback.

4.9 stars on the G2 site.

The free version has:

  • Unlimited audience

  • Unlimited number of presentations

  • Up to 2 slides with questions 

  • Up to 5 slides quiz


This application allows you to create interactive mobile apps for virtual and live events. 

We offer live quizzes with rankings and dynamic team modes, with questions based on images and GIFs.

There is a format with several questions.

A "poll on the air" feature collects leads. Lead information can be exported to Excel.

In the free version, you can try almost all the main features: quizzes, voting and playback functions.

Cons : the Crowdpurr logo and ads are displayed.

4.9 stars on the G2 site.


For surveys and anonymous Q&A’s in real time.

Suitable for employee engagement.

You can organize virtual and hybrid meetings.

The event can be accessed from any device.

The platform can work independently as a standalone tool or seamlessly integrate with your existing meeting technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint.

Available in free version:

  • Up to 100 participants

  • Unlimited Basic Multiple Choice Survey and Q&A

  • Instant Quiz Leaderboards

  • Easy member access - no download required

  • Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint integration

  • Online help and support

4.7 stars on the G2 site.


Interactive platform that allows the audience to ask and answer questions, take polls, and answer quizzes.

The engagement platform is used by internal communications specialists, group leaders, conference organizers and speakers.

Slido is compatible with Webex, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

In the free version, you can create an unlimited number of events with up to 100 people.

  • Unlimited crowdsourced questions and answers

  • 3 polls per event

  • 1 quiz per event

  • 1 brainstorming topic per event

  • Event analytics

  • 30+ branding themes

  • Integration with Powerpoint for Windows, Google Slides and MS Teams.

4.6 stars on the G2 site.


It's easy to create unique and dynamic presentations of any type: lectures, seminars, meetings, etc.

The platform is suitable for communication with students, colleagues and clients.

There is integration with Zoom and Teams.

The online editor is intuitive. It is possible to add slides, questions, polls, quizzes, word clouds, content, etc. to the presentation.

The audience can connect to the presentation via smartphone and send responses. There is a chat.

There is a save and load function for those who want to improve their performances.

In the free version:

  •  Unlimited audience

  • Unlimited number of presentations

  • Up to 2 slides with questions

  • Up to 5 slides quiz

4.5 stars on the G2 site.


Used by thousands of students and Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Functions available in anonymous mode:

  • Polling the audience in real time,

  • Question and answer polls,

  • Quizzes,

  • Pranks and selfies.

There is integration with Zoom, Teams and Webex.

No download required: Opens on any mobile or desktop device in a browser.

Available in the free version:

  • Basic survey (5 surveys)

  • Basic questions and answers (1 topic)

  • Brainstorms.

Cash register software

Popular Box Office products used by event professionals:


  • Creation and customization of the event page,

  • Sale of tickets for the event,

  • Advertising the event through the Eventbrite Marketplace

  • Integration with email and social networks

There is a calculator on the landing page where you can calculate the approximate profit from the event.

Eventbrite is free to use for free events.

The participant pays.

Two tariffs are calculated on the principle of Pay As You Go, premium - individual.

4.4 stars on site G2.

Ticket Spice

Online ticket sales:

  • reserve seats

  • ticket scanning on mobile devices

  • cashier fees

  • multiple product options

The platform gives you control over the entire ticketing process and promises not to put their logo at the top of your page if you don't like it.

It's a single platform with everything you need to sell tickets, manage attendees, collect data, and more.

Ticket Spice charges a flat fee of 0.99 cents per ticket + basic credit card processing fee of 2.99%.

4.9 stars on site G2.

Ticket Tailor

Makes it easy to sell tickets online directly from your website.

Low fees. You get paid for ticket sales directly to your own PayPal or Stripe account. There are no contracts.

Zero commission for free events.

For paid events, “Pre pay” is available from $0.65 per ticket and “Pay as you go” from $0.65 per ticket. (All prices are subject to change).

4.9 stars on site G2.

Event Management Platforms

Popular event management platforms, used by event management professionals: 


A platform for events of any scale, suitable for personal, hybrid, virtual events and webinars.

The platform allows users to create an event, make quick registrations, print badges on demand, and manage the event at all stages.

The site is also suitable for hotel business professionals.

One platform where everything is:

  • search for suppliers

  • attract visitors

  • maximize the value of sponsors

  • collect data about events.

To calculate the cost, you must contact the team through the data entry form on the site.

4.3 stars on site G2.


Includes agenda center, speaker hub, badge creation, registration, announcements, and more.

The platform helps event organizers save time on event logistics management.

The price is calculated on request.

4.8 stars on site G2.


Virtual + hybrid event platform. Suitable for all types of events: marketing events, conferences, internal events, training workshops, webinars, product launches, user conferences, brand events.

There is a blog for clients with recommendations for creating events.

You can request a demo before you make a decision to use it.

4.7 stars on site G2.

Event Marketing Software

Popular event marketing products used by event management professionals.

This category also includes the Cvent platform, which we already mentioned above.


The platform lets you follow organizations that you are interested in to be notified when new events are scheduled. Eventbrite broadcasts videos in high quality. During the event, attendees  can chat in real time.

This platform has already been described in more detail above.


Hopin provides a set of tools to create a community.

Here you can:

  • create a live broadcast

  • host a webinar or an event

  • share videos

  • start the community.

Hopin works with pre-recorded content, live streams and RTMP streams. Organizers will have full access to make changes to the event at any time.

In reviews, it is called an intuitive and flexible platform.

For pricing, please contact the sales department.


A platform for event marketing. You can launch, promote, and scale complex event programs.

What can you do here:

  • Create branded event pages and emails tailored to any device.

  • Smart guest lists, targeting, email and registration forms all under one roof to optimize every point of contact.

  • Quick registration of guests, holding contests, polls, etc.

There are integrations with leading sales CRM systems, marketing automation platforms and candidate tracking systems.

Before use, you can request a demo version.

4.5 stars on site G2.


This virtual and hybrid event venue features intuitive 3D virtual venues. Extensive functionality helps in creating a customized virtual experience for your audience.

It is possible to provide sponsors with creative advertising placements.


  • Virtual environment

  • Virtual showroom

  • Webinar

  • Chat and networking

  • Gamification of events

  • Sponsorship of events

  • Event construction

  • Mobile application for events.

The support service is well established and responds quickly.

The price is calculated individually.


It is a web-based system for managing scientific conferences, seminars and congresses.

Modest interface. No pricing information. There are few reviews.

5 stars on site G2.


Functionality includes : 

  • Search for leads

  • Planning and managing events

  • The creation of a mobile app for the event

  • Event registration and ticket sales.


  • Registration for the event

  • Guest list

  • Badge printing

  • Check-in kiosk

  • Smart sessions

  • RFID management

  • Cashless payments

  • Lead search.

To learn about the pricing, contact the seller.

4.6 stars on site G2.

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