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Why streaming is for everyone

As you learn the ins and outs of streaming, the concept of "streaming" is evolving.

A live broadcast is just one small part of what streaming is all about.

When this area was just starting to develop, you could find duplicates of the content that cable offered on the network. Also, some companies posted video meetings on their corporate websites using professional equipment.

Gradually, the Internet expanded its capabilities and more accessible tools began to appear. And now we take for granted a high-speed mobile connection around the world.

Anyone with no special skills can produce their own podcast, make a video or broadcast anything live in a matter of minutes. Viewers will also be able to comment on the broadcast with instant feedback.

For example, churches have learned to work online and now you do not have to go to the temple to attend the service. You can do it from the comfort of your home or on the go. From anywhere where there is Internet.

With the advent of esports, gamers are capturing fans' attention with their walkthroughs on streaming platforms. Through the Discord app, for group audio and video calls via VoIP technology, they not only communicate with each other and with fans, but also earn money while playing, by receiving donations from fans.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have forced hardware and software makers to adapt to the vertical video trend. Although no vertical screens were produced for watching movies after that, it was definitely more convenient for the user, since most of the time users hold their smartphones vertically.

As a result of the vertical video trend, brands have started making videos about their products that can be purchased immediately after watching them.

It doesn't matter what it is: makeup, clothing, accessories, lifestyle. Streaming has evolved from a simple link in the sales chain to a full-fledged tool.

Remember QVC (Quality Value Convenience)? Founded in 1986, this cable network, satellite network, and multinational corporation specialized in the television trade. It was the beginning of what we see in trading today. Live broadcasts revealed the products, which could be bought while the show aired. Of course, it was not technically possible to click on a picture or order online through your smartphone back then.

As cable loses its influence, the Internet becomes a more convenient medium. 

You can promote anything. Anywhere. 

It's easy to start your channel. There are many sales tools.

Keep in mind that online meetings are about multi-touch streaming as well. 

When you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, you can share content through cloud services. After 2020, these additional tools have been rethought and improved. In addition, thanks to applications in smartphones, you can also use these services at any time, and this is convenient.

In the past few years, streaming has evolved so much that there are hardly any two people who use it the same way. In today's world of applications, you are sure to find something that will help you achieve your goals.

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