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Video embedding : what is it and why it’s cool

If you want to add video content to your website, video embedding is a great tool. Video embedding is suitable for live broadcasts, videos and podcasts.

How it works

Embedding is as easy as copying and pasting a link. 

Except that you’ll copy and paste a piece of code and add it to the HTML of your website page and then it’ll turn into a video player.

This hard part of making sure your site is compatible with the type of streaming you're going to use is usually avoided through outsourcing this job to an external online video platform. 

Like Youtube does it. The video of your live stream is displayed on your website and visitors can watch it, but it’s actually processed in an entirely different place.

Free platforms vs paid platforms

The main disadvantages of using free video platform are the restrictions on working with content embedding:

Traffic loss

YouTube takes away some of the traffic from your website with a selection of videos to watch that it shows at the end of your video. 

External Branding

Every video that you post on this site is automatically equipped with a "Watch on YouTube" button, the platform's logo is also present on overlays and watermarks.

Technical support

To be precise, lack thereof. If you experience technical issues with the broadcast, there’s no one to help.


The platform sets certain requirements, sometimes changes them without notice. If YouTube finds your content objectionable, it will remove it from everywhere.


The platform regulates where and how many ad videos to embed. 

 Paid platforms provide more control and freedom:

  1. You control your content yourself.

  2. The host logo can be removed and replaced with your own.

  3. No one will delete anything without your permission.

  4. No unsolicited ads.

Who needs video embedding

If you are a business owner and you want to increase the number of customers, videos will make your marketing more effective:

Live commerce

Shoppable videos are a massive trend driving e-commerce, particularly in asian countries. Live video streaming is one of the easiest ways for reaching remote shoppers.


Videos can be embedded in email newsletters and it works for the same reason it works with e-shopping.

SEO advancement

Videos are ranked better by search engines than text.

How your business can earn more with embeddable video

In December 2022, HubSpot conducted a survey of over 3,000 consumers to find out what type of content and channels attract people, where they linger:

Approximately 53% of people prefer to watch video sites. 88% buy products based on video. They convince them.

Marketers plan to increase investments in the video strategy for 2023, with 29% of marketers planning to leverage this strategy for the first time.

No matter what niche you are working in, if you generate content and want to get more out of it, use video.

When the video is hosted elsewhere, but displayed on your site, there is no additional load on the site, but your customers get more engaging content.

For example, embedded podcasts between sections of long text will be easier to understand and the user will have the choice to read or watch.

Why choose Callaba Cloud

Callaba provides a complete video workflow in 1 product. No need to combine different services for specific tasks. Organize production, make paid events for viewers on your website, stream to many social networks simultaneously and in different languages - now there is one solution to do it. A browser is enough.

Callaba Cloud offers a cloud-based solution and a self-hosted one.

Amazon Web Services

You can try Callaba Cloud for free on Amazon Web Services

5 day free trial. How to launch Callaba on AWS.

Callaba Cloud is distributed through Amazon Web Services under a Pay-as-you-go subscription. You pay only for an hour of using the software product and the server.

Microsoft Azure

Callaba Cloud is also available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

How to launch on Microsoft Azure.

Self-hosted solution

One-time payment for a perpetual license. You can get exactly the amount of functionality you need and keep your monthly expenses at the same level ever since.

In conclusion

Video embedding is a powerful tool to engage your customers and grow your business.  There are multiple ways of how you can add video to your website, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

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