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Trends in video production in 2023

In this review, we will look at how online video is growing in popularity and what trends from this area will be useful for your marketing strategy: from live broadcasts to OTT and vlogs.

It is predicted that there will be multiple video devices per owner in 2023, according to Cisco statistics. As a result, Internet traffic will change in structure.

It will also change due to the ability to transmit ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K video.

So already this year, â…” (66%) of flat screen TVs will have UHD resolution, up from 33% in 2018.

Back in 2022, the largest percentage of traffic volume (82%) came from online video. Six years ago, this figure was 15 times lower.

Think about how to stand out from the crowd if you own a web platform that aims to grow revenue.

Follow along with us as we explore the streaming business trends of 2023.

In this review, we're going to talk about six trends in detail.

  1. The Rise of Live Streaming

In 2013, the Uscreen blog reported that people began watching live content 250% more, and the number of broadcasts themselves tripled. As part of their internal research, they found that people are doing more yoga (+392%) and distance learning (980%).

When Covid-19 happened, people wanted more live communication during quarantine, and brands took advantage of this situation. Brands started generating supportive content, and there were many videos with advice on how to live this time safely.

Google Trends statistics show that during the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of live streaming platforms almost doubled.

How have brands adapted?

For example, a site with exclusive master classes from the best artists "IAMAG" mastered a new live broadcast format for them, so that subscribers would establish instant feedback with the artists.

Social media algorithms after this rise began to better rank users who do live broadcasts.

This new experience revealed that people stay on a site or venue 10 to 20 times longer if they watch live.

Thus, in the same Instagram, the priority is not recorded stories, but live broadcasts.

So, marketers began to use them as a tool to increase brand awareness.

Now it's part of everyday life. They have become an effective tool for deepening the connection between the brand and the user.

  1. Video traffic’s dependence on search engines

“Exploding Topics” has calculated that live streaming accounts for 91.6% of screen time in the US and 93.5% globally.

Now people would rather watch a video than read a step-by-step guide. Therefore, search engines display the video “carousel” first and only then the text result. 

Enter the query "how to do ..." and check for yourself.

This means that it is better to give video a central place in your content strategy if you want to become more visible to search engines and your customers.

The easiest way to do this is to optimize your YouTube content by adding tags and keywords to your video descriptions and titles.

  1. A good story comes first, then the equipment

When you create high-quality content, you can even shoot it with your smartphone, if the camera has a 1080p resolution. For starters, it's okay.

Ollie Burrows, Videographer at Contrast recommends focusing on storytelling.

In her opinion, if you have mediocre content, then high-quality equipment will not save the day. 

Just as good special effects are not capable of saving bad writing. 

If you are doing something really interesting, then your audience will not pay attention to whether it was filmed on a phone or on Arri Alexa.

The best advice is to master the equipment you have and move to a better equipment when you’ll get the opportunity to do so.

If the words “aperture adjustment” and ISO mean nothing to you, then start with the basics and use the helper apps. For example, Filmic Pro will help you set up:

  • focus,
  • exposure,
  • frame rate,
  • Bitrate,
  • Sound,
  • aspect ratio and other basic parameters.

You can learn how to edit video from our guide “Getting started with video editing”. 

  1. Get an OTT app

This will expand your opportunities - you will reach a large audience, you will be able to provide them with the best video streaming service and make a profit.

This will allow your users to access content on their preferred device at any time at a favorable rate.

Giants like Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix and CBS are already doing this.

You can read about how they do it in the article “What is an OTT business?” 

  1. Short videos in social networks

Examples of these videos are Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight and YouTube Shorts.

They are well ranked by search engines, and people like to spend their free hours in them.

In addition to the fact that the audience is quickly involved in this format, they are easy to make. You can cut the most valuable of your live streams into Shorts to grab attention and drive traffic to your channel.

  1. Vlogs as an internet marketing tool

“Humanizing” content inspires trust. Consider how your brand can benefit from this?

During the pandemic, people began to use technology to make up for the lack of closeness. The popularity of the #WithMe theme has increased by 600%!

People love to observe the daily routine, habits and reactions of each other. Consider the popularity of reality shows.

On the second and third places in popularity are educational and explanatory videos.

An example for inspiration is “Bon Appetit” magazine.

This publication is still interesting, mainly because they quickly shifted to creating high-quality and unique video content with familiar characters.

The action takes place in the kitchen. During the pandemic, they replaced offline meetings with virtual kitchen gatherings.


In a nutshell, we've covered 6 top video trends that can benefit your business strategy.

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