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Streaming Industry Predictions for 2023 (Part 2)

In this part, you will learn what the leaders in the streaming industry think about rights, piracy, security and privacy; whether there will be anything new in the expansion and contraction, what are the trends in esports and the gaming industry, and the technical expectations for content delivery.

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Rights, piracy, security and privacy situation

Julien Signes, senior vice president and general manager of Video Network at Synamedia shared that over the past year, their company has watched Apple and Amazon Prime Video buy strategic rights in different markets.

Meanwhile, Netflix invests in broadcasting live sporting events.

Since streaming major sporting events is not as easy as it sounds and making money isn't as easy as it seems when you remember that sports rights aren't cheap, Signes believes it will be clear in 2023 whether the industry will be profitable. Even though everything seems attractive in theory.

Simon Brydon, senior director of security business development at Synamedia says that the challenging economic environment has coincided with an increase in SVOD video-on-demand subscriptions. In 2023, people may be consuming sports-related content illegally since many subscription prices have risen.

According to him, streaming technologies have many technological holes that allow not only stealing for a penny, but also distributing content while broadcasters spend their money on rights. Pirated services offer premium quality content at low prices that cannot be matched by legitimate services, he said.

Matt Sotebeer, CSO from Digital shared his opinion that the importance of privacy will decrease for marketers. For example, Google does not give exact dates and does not clarify whether or not they will abandon cookies. There is still uncertainty in this area.

Brydon, Senior Director, Senior Director of Security Business Development at Synamedia discovered that people are giving each other access to credentials, and companies are losing money from this. He recommends recognizing the magnitude of the problem and creating a strategy for security and development.

Expansion and Contraction

Igor Oreper, chief architect at Bitmovin, expects video marketing and streaming to grow beyond entertainment. Among the areas in which he sees great promise are healthcare, online learning, gaming, and esports.

Matt Sotebeer, CSO of Digital Remedy, predicts that linear TV budgets will shrink while digital technology is on the rise. Due to the difficult economic situation, inflation, and inability to forecast, marketers will only invest in what is measurable and profitable.

In Sotebeer's view, linear TV has no prospects because its technologies do not enable precise targeting.

Shawn Zhong, CTO of Agora, suggests that a fall in gross domestic product growth in 2023 may and will slow down the gaming sector, but in general, there will still be gradual growth. During recessions, game sales do not decline because it is cheaper to play games than to attend a nighttime event.

In addition, he pointed out that mobile games are now more popular and that those who make quality games will make big profits in the coming year.

Gaming & Esports Predictions

Shawn Zhong, CTO of Agora, sees a promising development that uses artificial intelligence technology. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, he believes that small businesses will be able to reduce the cost of content.

Furthermore, Zhong said that open white papers on machine learning and AI are on the rise, meaning that independent studios have almost equal access to content generation tools.

Shawn Zhong also gave his prediction for cloud gaming.

He recalled that Google Stadia is finishing its work this year and concluded that this area has now stopped developing. But at the same time, Shawn thinks the development of 5G will change that. It is not always possible for consumers to get direct access to gaming equipment, which is why the ability to access the game on any device is appealing to them.

In addition to Google Stadia, Shawn Zhong mentioned that Netflix, Logitech, and Epic Games are investing big budgets in the development of the cloud gaming industry.

Content delivery

Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Network at Synamedia, is betting on CDN dynamic interface technology for instant flexibility. This will allow millions of people to watch sports events in good quality with low latency. 

The content will be delivered through a specific application to everyone's device, making this possible. Meanwhile, if you don't watch the channel, you won't waste delivery resources. As a result, costs get reduced.

Julien Signes also raised the question of whether there is an opportunity for streaming to go green. There is still a lack of clarity in this area about how reducing energy use in one process will affect another. To answer this question, all participants in the chain, including cloud providers, should provide each other with data.

In order to work around this issue, Signes has provided a quick fix, such as shutting down unused servers.

Jon Giegengack, director of Hub Entertainment Research, believes that companies will focus on creating feature-packed products, which he calls "super packages."

Matt Sotebeer, CSO of Digital Remedy believes that the pressure on marketers will continue due to economic instability. Therefore, all efforts will be focused on increasing coverage and return on investment.

Stefanos Metaxas, CSO of Bliss Point Media, thinks TikTok is a promising platform. According to him, TikTok and ad-supported platforms will compete in a “streaming war” in 2023. This would be a collaboration with VOD platforms such as Tubi, Xumo, Crackle, and Pluto, according to Metaxas.

He thinks the main superpower of TikTok is that it can select content for viewers by itself, which means the user does not have to make choices. And users are actually tired of making choices.

Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Network at Synamedia believes that 8K will gain momentum in the next 1-2 years. The format took hold in fanzone bars, where people watch games on big screens. In addition, he noted that this format is also suitable for viewers of America's Got Talent and The Voice.

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