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Enterprise video usage

What is enterprise video

An enterprise video solution involves the use of advanced technologies (including CDNs) to facilitate access to videos on a wide range of topics, including education, advertising, and commercials. 

The video transmitted via corporate video platforms is directly related to the activities of the company. Among these can be webinars, client communication, video libraries, corporate employee training, customer support, and internal communications.

Enterprise streaming is done both locally and in the cloud.

Previously, enterprise video (EV) was referred to as video content management (VCM). This is all about managing and distributing video files, but if VCM was only about managing internal digital assets, then EV is also about external communications.

The volume of video content is growing, so the field of EV is gaining momentum.

The distance between the buyer and the seller is shrinking with the advent of live video broadcasts. For example, if your company is engaged in B2B, then you need an enterprise platform to work effectively.

You can do the following:

  • distribute videos

  • offer virtual consultations,

  • obtain feedback from customers,

  • exchange materials,

  • turn on commenting so that users can respond to the videos and rate them.

Video streaming and conferencing allows companies to replace monotonous advertising with exclusive content, keep in touch with subscribers and take marketing to a new level.

This technology can now help not only large companies, but also individuals and small businesses.

Enterprise video platforms: what to consider before implementing them

Privacy and security

When choosing a broadcasting platform, pay attention to privacy and data security options:

  • encryption for video transmission, storage and playback.

  • role access and shared access to video content in the application.

  • secure identity and access management with SSO integration.


The interface should be simple so that every employee and every client can understand it. The second important factor is software adaptability to different devices and operating systems.

Ease of integration

Integrations with your website and other tools are also important.

No Ads

The lack of advertising on specialized sites is a big plus.

Everyone knows YouTube and it's simple, but the platform will show third party ads at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the videos. It is generally better to pick a paid site, the mechanics of which will work for you.


Analytics will help you measure the success of your video content, and measure your ROI and optimize it. When choosing a platform, you can also check whether there are built-in metrics or you will have to pay extra for a separate site.

Enterprise video trends in 2023

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020-2021, corporate video has become more in demand than ever. In 2022, the growth in importance continued.

It is expected that both demand for corporate video and the number of ways that it anchors in business will continue to grow in 2023.

The landscape of hybrid events, internal meetings and use cases for external communications is changing.

The value of corporate video for hybrid and remote work conducted a study among streaming industry professionals in partnership with Help Me Stream Research Foundation. The survey was designed to find out how enterprises feel about remote work after the massive shift and what happens after returning to personal work.

Virtual events outnumbered face-to-face meetings in 2022, with hybrid events becoming more common.

Attendance at virtual events has grown and hybrid events have become more popular, according to Tim Siglin, Founding Executive Director of Help Me Stream Research Foundation.

In the survey, most participants believed that hybrid events would soon replace virtual or personal events.

Meanwhile, survey participants consider non-standard online events to be a waste of time. Five times more people think that way than in 2021.

5 video platforms used by survey participants

  • Brightcove

  • Sonic Foundry (Mediasite)

  • MediaPlatform

  • YouTube

  • Facebook Live.

Common issues with enterprise video players

Not all events can withstand the timeline and maintain audience interest.

As enterprise video became more common, users needed familiar interface elements.

For example, not all broadcast video players support topic or agenda navigation.

The second feature, which is not supported by all video players, is an accelerated replay of the missed first minutes of the broadcast in case the viewer was late.

Why choose Callaba for enterprise video

Above, we have already described what you should pay attention to when choosing a site for corporate video, and now we would like to focus on the site, which meets all these points.

All broadcasting technologies are collected within one SaaS solution:

Live broadcasting available on demand.

You can deliver content to any device at any scale. Callaba supports all modern browsers on all platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.


One live broadcast - many destinations. Multi stream video to social media accounts, your own website or any custom destination.

Organize pay-per-view easily

Embed a video player with authorization. Integrate paid streams with authorization to your website. Use our zero-code solution to stream video across your infrastructure.

Cloud recording

Your live broadcasts are recorded in the cloud. Save your live streams to the cloud to easily access and download your content.

Stream in multiple languages

You can use up to 8 audio channels. Ideal for simultaneous translation. Which can be very useful if your company works with clients from different countries.

Friendly interface

The graphical interface will make it easy for any of your employees to understand and use.

Software and hardware compatibility

Compatible with any software. Callaba Cloud supports OBS Studio, Larix Broadcaster, vMix, WireCast, Zoom, Haivision Gateway, Restream, AWS Elemental, etc.

Callaba is also compatible with any peripheral hardware device. Fully compatible with hardware encoders and decoders such as Matrox, NewTek, Makito, Teradek, KiloView, etc.

Callaba Cloud provides a complete video workflow in one product. No need to combine different services for specific tasks.

To see what you can do with Callaba, try our 5-day free trial on AWS.

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