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Digital Product Trends for 2023

There are at least 6 reasons to start selling digital products.

  • The same product can be sold multiple times.
  • You can start small, without spending too much money on the production of digital products.
  • These products can bring in a lot of income.
  • Furthermore, it is convenient - the creation process is quite flexible.
  • Digital products are easy to scale.
  • It is possible to generate passive income with this business if the basic processes are automated.

Among other things, digital products are easier to manage, unlike physical ones.

Digital products include documents, online courses, audio and video content, as well as music, graphic, design and art works, and photographs. A book can be written and translated into an electronic format - audio or text - and published via an electronic publishing house.

The apps and software are perhaps the most challenging elements of this list. However, even here you can find designer solutions without having to know any code.

What are the best fields to choose? It is best to choose a field in which you already have expertise or some experience, as well as one in which you are really interested. Without genuine interest it would be really hard to motivate yourself to keep going.

If you know something, you can package it into an online course with accompanying digital products and sell it. Or hire someone to do it.

In this article, we examine the areas where digital products can be produced and what exactly can be done with them.

If you are a content creator

If you're into content creation, you'll be able to get into almost any industry by making videos, hosting live streams and promoting your products on social media.

What can you do:

  • Create online courses.
  • Make a site with paid access for content. Partial or full, for community members only.
  • Make a design or content for a guide that can be downloaded to your device.
  • Sell exclusive videos.


Educational content

If you decide to create educational materials, like e-books, a good strategy is to focus on useful tutorials in your niche. For example, how to correctly formulate a content strategy, how to work with epoxy resin, i.e. how to reach a desirable result in an area you are an expert in. 

Community building

If you are creating a community, create separate exclusive content for it, so that your audience has an incentive to join and stay in the community. You can also offer regular promotions only to members of the club, so that they will have another incentive to join the club and pay membership fees regularly.


If you decide to do a podcast, choose content that is entertaining or useful, or try rotating it around.


You can create guides with product-related content. For example, if you sell nutrition courses, this could be a checklist or a meal plan.

Video content

If you decide to delve into video content, try to offer exclusives as well. If you had closed live broadcasts of lectures available only to your clients, you could sell a specific topic or the entire course to someone who was unable to attend the entire stream, or did not want to buy the entire course, or needed to improve his knowledge of a particular topic.

Specific areas with examples

Healthy lifestyle: for fitness trainers and yoga teachers

If you are into fitness and are passionate about it, then you can offer your services as a content maker to fitness trainers. You can also try out as a content creator if you are a trainer.

This scheme is applicable to any area of conscious attitude to one's health (yoga, Pilates, stretching, author's healing methods):

  • Develop an online course with exercises and live streaming of classes.
  • Offer people a community where they can share experiences and support each other.
  • Make collections of thematic information with tips and healthy lifestyle news.
  • Collections of audio accompaniment for different levels of training. Sell them as a package or individually.
  • Offer your clients a tracker with which they can track their weight, how much water they drink per day, as well as their muscle mass and overall well-being.
  • Start a daily workout subscription on your preferred streaming platform to get your clients into the habit of regular practice.
  • Workout plan. Make it easy to download to your phone or print for motivation and progress tracking.

Example for inspiration - FWFG.

Digital products for distance learning: for Educators

  • Electronic books with additional materials and life hacks for your students.
  • Unique tutorials on how to do something quickly or efficiently based on your experience.
  • Courses that go deeper into each topic of the main curriculum.
  • Online seminars and recordings of them.
  • Printable pages with checklists and notes.

As an example, here are three quick content ideas for those in the beauty industry:

  1. Online course on a specific skill (hair extension technology, cosmetology, a specific haircut if you are a hairdresser). Make two tariffs - a subscription or a one-time payment;
  2. For a beautician - make instructions for home self-care for your clients. These can be recipes for face masks or homemade scrubs. When there is enough content, sell in bulk.

A good example of a well-packaged magic course for your inspiration.

Digital products for small business

You can sell your successful business cases to novice businessmen if you know how to set up processes to make them work.

  • You can make a business podcast and talk about what's going on in your "inner kitchen" and how other businesses can adapt your practices for themselves..
  • Editable templates are another type of digital business product. Many people don't know how to write a resume or structure a basic contract correctly. Legal contract template or disclaimer and other documents that small businesses often deal with. Editable templates that would help your clients with these tasks and bring more value to your other products.
  • Contacting journalists and brands is an important part of many businesses, so a media kit template can help with networking.
  • E-mail distribution is an important part of marketing, but not everyone knows how to form a sales funnel in a structured and consistent way. You can create and sell this sequence.
  • A book with recommendations in your field for beginners.
  • Small businesses also love goal-setting printouts.

Technology business or individual development

  • App with rates to choose from: pay on download, subscription, free with in-app purchases.
  • Free video games with a separate fee for specific features or a one-time payment upon download.
  • Website themes that are easy to download and customize without special knowledge are also in demand.
  • Plugins for web browsers that make performing specific tasks easier. 
  • Code snippets for websites.

An example for inspiration is SimplePTT, which sells hundreds of templates. 

If you are an artist

If you are a skilled artist, you can package your knowledge and skills into video tutorials on drawing or creating products (for example, pottery). Courses of this type are convenient to sell as a package or as a subscription service, with individual lessons available at a higher price.

If you are into digital art, you can print your work to order for framed paintings, prints on clothes and other items, as well as offer merchandise design to brands.

If you are a designer

There are at least nine digital products you can offer to the world:

  • Wallpapers; 
  • Fonts; 
  • Photoshop templates; 
  • Procreate and Illustrator brushes; 
  • Icons; 
  • Video chat backgrounds; 
  • 3D printer design files; 
  • Animations for videos and websites; 
  • Instagram story templates.

If you are a writer

You can publish your fiction and non-fiction books via e-publishers. Once you have gained that experience, you can sell it as a publishing and promotion guide for aspiring writers. 

You can also create a paid community for aspiring writers or open an online school.

If you know how to do something, then you can make an online course out of it and teach others. Try to analyze, what you know best? It might seem like a hobby now, but it can become a profitable business in the long run.

An example for inspiration - courses on creating memory albums with your own hands.

If you are a foodie

There are seven options for digital products that sell well:

  • Nutrition plans for specific purposes (diets after surgery, diets for weight loss, diets to normalize digestion in specific situations, etc.);
  • Books with recipes and stories of their origin;
  • Online course with author's recipes;
  • food tracker for tracking meals and counting calories;
  • Uniquely designed recipe notebooks and recipe holders.

Example for inspiration - the largest online library of video tutorials on cake decorating, baking and cake business. 

If you are a musician

To make money from your music, you can try these six digital products:

  • Tracks that you can buy and use in videos, reels, and other projects.
  • Sound effects.
  • Instrumental tracks for films and videos;
  • Beats.
  • Music sheets.
  • Courses for learning to play an instrument or how to use programs for beginner musicians.

An example for inspiration are courses on electronic music production taught by the most successful artists, producers and DJs in the world. 

If you work in the field of religion

You have at least five ways to monetize your knowledge:

  • E-books with your experience;
  • Little books for meditation in PDF format;
  • Guides with notes on how to properly read the main books in your denomination;
  • Planners for practice, which has a section of prayers and quotes;
  • A tracker app where you can record your progress in a specific practice.

An example for inspiration is a journal with images of the holy land, prayers, quotes from famous saints, and blank pages for recording thoughts that promote personal growth through prayer and meditation. They made both a limited free version and a full paid version. They also use the live streaming platform to support and connect their followers. 

If you have children or your work is related to them

We have collected 7 options for digital products for children:

  • Games.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Subject-specific assignments.
  • Family guides with ideas on how and where to spend a holiday together, and what to take with you on the road. You can also periodically do live price comparison reviews and save the recordings to the cloud.
  • Coloring books and pages.
  • Online schools for children in any subject - from music and arts to programming.

For inspiration, here is a video streaming platform where kids learn to draw and other fine motor skills (such as origami). This platform exists as an additional monetization channel with exclusive content to their main YouTube channel. 

If you are a photographer

We found seven ideas to help you monetize your talent:

  • Make presets and filters and sell them in packs.
  • Create stock photos and videos.
  • Make ready-made video intros, for example, for endless broadcasts on YouTube.
  • Form training courses with a one-time payment or subscription fee.
  • You can also sell After Effect Templates as a bundle.
  • Another idea is to sell photo and video mockups.

For inspiration : WildPresets

Wildepresets has created dozens of presets that are easy to use for your brand by changing elements with just one click.

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