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Cloud gaming service Google Stadia was shut down after three years

Jan 23, 2023

Last week, Google's cloud gaming streaming service Stadia was shut down. Along with the closure of the site, users had to say goodbye to their favourite games, including Gunsport. However, the developers surprised everyone by hiding Gunsport (cyberpunk gun volleyball) within another Steam game.

Good news for those who bought Hyper Gunsport on Steam. You can play your favourite game in a standalone offline version of Gunsport on Steam called Hyper Gunsport.

Recall that the game Gunsport was released by Microsoft three years ago. Last year, fans were able to enjoy her sequel HyperTransport. The second part was playable on PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

Life of the game after the “death” of Stadia

Necrosoft's Twitter posted a comment on the eve of closing, January 17th. This post contains a short video tutorial on how to access the game through the beta channel.

To go from the beta channel to the game, find on the top panel “Management” - “Properties” - “beta versions” (in the left column) - enter “OriginalGunsport” - select “Gunsport”.

You can keep using a Stadia controller if you still have it, it is compatible with different devices. Connection is possible via USB-cable, Bluetooth.


Putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to game streaming can lead to disaster, as Google Stadia demonstrated. In the event you stop supporting the streaming service, players lose everything that they have. Therefore, the practice where the life of the game depends on the functioning of the online platform will have to be reconsidered. So what's left after the Google Stadia shutdown?

Necrosoft saved Gunsport

Brought to life as a Google Stadia exclusive “Orcs Must Die! 3” is available on other platforms. “Outcasters” by Splash Damage is no longer playable, as are many other unique games on the site.

Therefore, it is too early to talk about transferring games to other streaming platforms. Safe solutions for this are only in development.

Google Vice President Phil Harrison said on his blog that the reason for the closure of Stadia is the lack of involvement from the players. Nonetheless, he pointed out that the site's technological foundation was strong.

As Harrison points out, Google will continue to work on mastering the gaming industry and will not let go of technologies developed for Stadia. Among other things, they will be integrated into YouTube, Google Play, and augmented reality projects.

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