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Advanced Real-Time SRT Statistics via Callaba API

Jul 02, 2024

We are excited to introduce our new SRT Statistics API documentation to help developers and businesses optimize their streaming performance.

Whether you're creating a streaming application or running a broadcasting company, ensuring a reliable and smooth stream is crucial for high-stakes events like live sports, concerts, or video conferences.

🔗 Callaba API Docs : SRT Statistics

Who is it For?

  • Developers and engineers working on video streaming and real-time data applications.
  • Manufacturers who create broadcasting hardware devices, cameras, etc.

Benefits of Using SRT Statistics API

Real-time Performance Monitoring

SRT statistics help monitor and resolve streaming issues in real-time, ensuring high-quality and uninterrupted streams. Key metrics like packet loss, latency, and Round Trip Time are crucial for maintaining optimal streaming conditions and facilitating immediate troubleshooting.

Informed Decision-Making

Insights from SRT statistics support strategic decisions about network and infrastructure improvements, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Things you can do with SRT Stats

▶ Real-time Analytics

Implement real-time analytics to monitor and optimize streaming sessions. Create dashboards to visualize key metrics, providing quick insights into stream performance and enabling prompt troubleshooting.

▶ Custom Alerts

Set up custom alerts based on specific metric thresholds to manage streaming quality proactively. For example, configure alerts for high latency or packet loss to trigger automated responses or notifications.

▶ Historical Data Analysis

Use historical data to identify trends and improve future performance. Analyzing past performance data helps predict and mitigate potential issues in upcoming streaming events.

Getting Started with SRT Statistics API

▶ Step-by-Step Guide

Integrating the SRT Statistics API into your project is straightforward. Detailed documentation provides a comprehensive guide to help you get started, whether fetching packet loss data or setting up real-time analytics.

▶ Code Snippets and Examples

Here are some basic code snippets to illustrate the API’s functionality.

const SRT_STATS_API_URL = "";
    import {io} from "";

    const socket = io(SRT_STATS_API_URL, {
        path: '/ws-api',
        autoConnect: true,
        reconnection: true,
        reconnectionDelay: 1000,
        reconnectionAttempts: Infinity,
        transports: ['websocket']

    socket.on('connect', async () => {
        console.log('%cWebsocket client has been connected to demo SRT Stats API!', 'color:green;');

    socket.on("MODULE_SRT_SERVERS_STATS", (statsMessage) => {

These examples show how easy it is to retrieve and use the statistics for enhancing streaming applications.

To get started, click the link :

🔗 Callaba SRT Statistics API Docs


SRT Statistics API is a valuable tool for anyone involved in video streaming and real-time data applications. It provides powerful tools for performance monitoring, custom alerts, and historical data analysis, enabling users to maintain high-quality streams and make informed decisions. Explore the new API docs and start integrating SRT statistics into your projects today!


Embrace the power of real-time data and enhance your streaming performance with our new SRT Statistics API!