Sports streaming

Create great experiences for the fans worldwide with ultra low latency high quality streaming. Expand your audience by reaching out to every fan on every device.
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Product highlights

Ultra low latency streaming
Geo-distributed routing in 80 countries
HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K and 8K video
Horizontally and vertically scalable for having tens of thousands of audience in real time
Unlimited stream recording
Any to any transcoding and transmuxing

High quality action

Peoples’ desire to get more and more high-quality content is evergrowing, and this is especially important for broadcasting sporting events. People want to empathize with their favorite athletes and not be distracted by the shortcomings of the video.

Callaba support streaming of HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K and 8K video. You can rest assured every fan is having the best experience possible.

Local & global livestreaming

From big stadiums to small games between local schools, stream to an audience as small or as large as you need. You can pick servers of any capacity for the expected audience size, use scaling and a CDN for broadcasting worldwide (serves 245 countries and territories). The flexibility allows to get to every fan and ensure you are not using more resources than needed.

Simple streaming from remote playing fields

With cloud streaming, you don't have to think about bypassing the firewall and opening ports anymore. All you really need is internet connection.
Callaba is easy to set up and allows exporting and importing your settings later to save time. Then all you have left to do is to prepare your equipment and you’re ready to stream.

Multi-streaming to social platforms

Make your event more visible by multi-streaming it to popular social networks (like Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, etc) or to any custom destination.

Unlimited stream recording

We do not artificially limit servers' available capacity, so you can record as much data from as many cameras as you wish. Record, store and download unlimited terabytes of content in the cloud. You can turn your recordings into VOD later.

Make your event accessible to everybody

People have a wide range of opinions on what is the best way of catching sporting events online. Leverage the powerful LiveEVO Technology and deliver different types of content to different viewers.

Convert your streams from any protocol and codec into any protocol and codec on the fly. Reach your viewers on any device, from smart TVs to mobile phones, to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and under any network conditions.

Protect your exclusive content

It’s important to keep your exclusive sports live streams secure. We use a number of encryption methods to keep your streams safe and only available for the destined audience. You can also set a passphrase protection for your stream to ensure privacy.

Web player & embedding

Playback your live stream in the browser, share the stream with colleagues for confidence monitoring.

Embed the player and stream directly on your own platform or website. There’s no limit for a number of viewers and the player works in all the modern browsers and is platform-agnostic.

Still not convinced?

We offer a 5-day free of charge trial period, so you can go and see if Callaba is the right tool for you.
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