Streaming Engine that delivers

Focus on creating the best experience for your users, and Callaba will take care of all the technical complexity.
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Product highlights

Great amount of functionality packed into one product
Ultra low latency and low latency streaming
Vod/OTT via API
Any to any stream transcoding and multiplexing via API

Speeds up development and reduces costs

You can build your app with your existing IT department in-house. You do not have to develop expensive low-level code, everything is already developed and is ready to be used. Depending on your project, you may not even need a back-end developer - a front-end, IOS and Android developers might be just enough.

Сallaba Engine reduces both time and costs of video app development by providing expert best practices packaged into a simple high-level API.

Feature heavy

Callaba Engine is heavily packed with functionality you might need to develop your own product. We've made it an all-in-one package, so that you can avoid the trouble of collecting and combining different pieces of functionality from different providers.

In essense, Callaba Engine is a set of implemented modules that provide :

- transmission via SRT, MPEG-2 / .TS, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, HLS/m3u8, MPEG-DASH/mpd
- transcoding
- multiplexing
- recording
- playback
- re-streaming
- artifact recognition AI
- video conferences
- chatroom
- a drawing board

Powered by infrastructure

As more than half of the internet traffic is served by content delivery networks (CDN), Callaba is built to work in conjuction with AWS CloudFront CDN.
AWS infrastructure can withstand and balance high load as well as scale up and down both vertically and horizontally to make sure all of your users are served and satisfied.

Ultra low latency streaming

Deliver your content in real-time without compromising the quality of the live stream, with ultra-low latency. Callaba works in conjuction with CloudFront CDN, which caches your live streaming across a global network of over 300+ points of presence across 80 countries, bringing it closer to viewers from every region.

Any-to-any transcoding and multiplexing (transmuxing)

Callaba is equipped with powerful functionality for stream transcoding and transmuxing (multiplexing).
With LiveEVO Technology you can convert any protocol and codec to any on the fly.
Make custom workflows for your streams to deliver across multiple protocols reaching all kinds of devices, as well as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and more.

Still not convinced?

We offer a 5-day free of charge trial period, so you can go and see if Callaba is the right tool for you.
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