Technical specification


  • SRT
  • RTMP
  • RTSP
  • UDP
  • Video or audio file (for example, previously recorded in the cloud)


  • Virtual input (generates test video and audio that can be transcoded, recorded or sent to another server)


  • SRT
  • RTMP
  • RTSP
  • UDP
  • HLS

Supported video codecs:

  • H.265 (HEVC) via CPU
  • H.264 via CPU
  • HEVC via graphics accelerator card
  • H.264 via graphics accelerator card
  • Mpeg2
  • VP8
  • VP9

Audio codecs:

  • AAC
  • MP3
  • OPUS

Video transcoding via CPU

  • Container type conversion. All inputs and outputs are supported
  • Frame rate conversion, 2 modes:
    • Change frame rate
    • Apply FPS filter
  • Editing the number of keyframes on the fly
  • Edit video and audio bitrate, 2 modes:
    • Controlled network mode (in kilobits)
    • Controlled quality mode (in coefficient)
  • Editing the format of pixel on the fly, 12 modes:
    • yuv420p
    • yuvj420p
    • yuv422p
    • yuvj422p
    • yuv444p
    • yuvj444p
    • nv12
    • nv16
    • nv21
    • yuv420p10le
    • yuv444p10le
    • nv20le

Video transcoding via graphics accelerator card

  • Video Transcodes per Card: 2 x 4kp60, 8 x 1080p60,16 x 1080p30, 32 x 720p30
  • Codec: H.264 and H.265
  • Total Bandwidth: 10TB/s
  • DDR Total Bandwidth: 38GB/s
  • Adaptive quantization
  • Spatial adaptive quantization
  • Temporal adaptive quantization

Audio transcoding/multiplexing

  • Container type conversion, AAC, MP3 both ways are supported and also all inputs and outputs (see above)
  • Bitrate conversion in kilobits (for example, 192Kbit/s)
  • Sample rate conversion (for example, 44100 Hz)

Playing Video on Demand / Over the top Playback

  • Support for all of the Input types (see Inputs section above)
  • Adjusting the video segment length
  • Adjusting the number of segments in the buffer
  • Adjusting the number of preloaded video segments Real-time position
  • Adjustment by shifting the segment from the last to the desired one

Network Problem Detection

  • SRT Buffer Overflow Detection
  • SRT Insufficient Bandwidth Detection
  • SRT Insufficient Delay Detection
  • SRT Video jitter Detection

Additional utilities

  • Server network bandwidth analysis for incoming and outgoing connections (in bytes)
  • Recommended network latency analysis
  • Stream Routing and CDN Distribution of 1 stream to N other servers.
  • Four modes are supported:
    • Push - send videos from one server to another. 
    • Pull - request video from the specified server until a connection is established
    • Multi push -send video to N other servers
    • Multi pull - request video from N other servers until a connection is established